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Express Flooring Laminate Installation Has A Satisfied Customer!
Posted on 2010-04-18 by admin
Mr. Paul Smith Tucson Sales Manager Express Flooring Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing this letter to express my gratefulness in the way Express Flooring personnel from your Sales Team to your Installation Team conducted themselves during our business deal of buying to installing my new laminate flooring. First- Your Sales team arrived at my home ready to do business. They first told us about Express Flooring and how long they were in business, then told us about the quality of materials, and showed my wife and me samples of the colors we asked about. Then we got down to making a dealon how much money it was going to cost us for the type of Laminate flooring we wanted and a date for installation. I am very pleased with the deal we made. Second- Your Installation team showed up on time and went right to work. I know I had dealt with an experienced team as the men did not talk but each knew what to do and both men had the job started without any fuss or "OH" I forgot something. Each man did a different part of the job but each knew what the other was doing. They worked well together. In addition, they even took some time to talk to me and explain what they were doing. Just by watching them, I learned a little about what it takes to install a laminate floor. Thank you, I am very satisfied with every one at Express Flooring. Sincerely, Donald Jorgensen
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